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Young woman lost weight eating healthy

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Natural Weight Loss

Everyone is different when it comes to weight loss. If a method works for somebody, it may not necessarily work for everyone else. This is because there are many factors that can cause weight gain, and each has to be addressed in a different way. Finding the cause of weight gain is as important as doing the work to lose the weight. 

Causes of Weight Gain

  • Stress (Read: How to Relax and Relieve Stress)
  • Too Much Junk Food (Read: Replace Junk Foods and Fatty Foods with Healthy Food)
  • Sedentary Lifestyle (Read: Exercise Regularly)
  • Lack of Sleep (Read: Sleep at The Best Hours)
  • Constipation (Read: Relieve Constipation and Promote Weight Loss)
  • Thyroid Imbalance (Read: Thyroid Imbalances may Cause Weight Gain)
  • Food Allergies (Read: Eliminate Food Allergies To Lose Weight)

Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

1. Raw Food Plan For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Raw foods and vegetables and notebook on table

Lose Weight With Raw Food

Eating more raw foods is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. Just by eating raw food, it's possible to lose weight naturally and also become healthier in the process. The wonderful part is that there are no drugs or pills required and the body will be able to obtain many nutrients that may be missing from the diet, helping to lose weight faster and to control hunger cravings. Fresh, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can balance the body and promote natural weight loss.

Raw Plan for Weight Loss

The best way to start eating more raw foods is to incorporate them into the usual daily meals. Each piece of fruit or vegetable will fill up the stomach and take the space that other foods would normally have. The following plan below provides general guidelines on which foods may be eaten at each meal in order to lose weight naturally.

Incorporating Raw Foods for Breakfast

Substitute a part of the usual breakfast with the foods below, adding more raw foods each day. For the fastest weight loss, try to achieve at least 80% raw food. The goal is to eat without going hungry, because hunger will always lead to cravings and quick relapses.

  • Drink freshly squeezed juice made with fruits or greens at every breakfast.
  • Make smoothies using fresh or frozen fruits for even greater nutrient intake. Smoothies contain all the fiber of the contents being blended, providing a greater feeling of fullness.
  • Add freshly chopped fruits next to cereals or oatmeal. Apples, raspberries, blueberries or strawberries are good ideas and are super healthy.
  • Add orange slices and pineapple pieces to the usual breakfast. The acidity of orange and pineapple aids digestion.

More Raw Foods at Lunch

Adding a raw soup, salad, or smoothie to every lunch can help to easily shed pounds without going hungry. There will be many nutrients incorporated in the diet, without a big amount of calories.

  • Raw salads are a great way to fill up the tummy and increase the feeling of fullness without the calories.
  • Raw soups are wonderful for weight loss. Prepare them using a using a high-powered blender such as Blendtec or Vitamix. Vitamix includes a booklet with some great raw soup recipes with their blenders.
  • Raw nuts and seeds such as walnuts, pumpkin seeds and avocadoes are great additions to any lunch.
  • Pumpkin seeds are easy to find and very filling. Sunflower seeds are also a good option.
  • Any raw fruits, including the ideas detailed in the breakfast section, may also be eaten at lunch as well.

Top up salads with a small amount extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Do not use store bought salad dressings, always make it at home and use at most two tablespoons of oil. Remember that avocadoes already have some oil, and nuts and seeds also contain small amounts of oil. Oil is very calorie dense and too much is not good for the body.

Dinner Ideas

For those trying to lose weight fast, it is best to eat a light dinner and have a bigger lunch instead. Food eaten late tends to turn into fat much easier because most people are not very active after dinner.

Eating late also can also deteriorate sleep quality, causing overeating due to lack of energy the next day. The body regenerates during sleep much better if the stomach is not full.

  • Eat dinner between 6 and 7PM.
  • Have a big salad at every dinner.
  • Have a raw soup.
  • Add any fresh fruits available.


  • This daily raw food plan will immediately start showing results, you will start losing up to 1lb every day, naturally
  • Once you reach the desired weight, start introducing more raw nuts and seeds into the daily meals to stop the weight loss and maintain the optimal weight.


2. Learn to Relax and Release Stress

Relaxed woman getting a massage

Stress Increases the Waistline

A stressful lifestyle demands more energy than usual, resulting in overeating. For those living a stressful life, it is essential to relax and reduce stress in order to lose weight. Exercise and the methods outlined below are excellent ways to overcome stress and shed a few pounds.

Simple Stress Reduction Ideas

The activities listed below promote relaxation and stress relief, allowing the body to relax and stop craving food for comfort.

  • Yoga and Meditation: Together, yoga and meditation address the body and the mind, reducing stress and trimming the waistline.
  • Dancing is an excellent exercise, helping to lose weight and increase happiness.
  • Laughing is among the top ways to reduce stress. Funny cat videos anyone?
  • Going for a massage relaxes all the muscles and promotes relaxation.
  • Swimming helps to reduce stress and weight at the same time. It's a great exercise that is easy on the joints.
  • Walks at the park use up calories, clear up stress and provide fresh air.
  • Conscious yawning is another strange yet effective way to relax.
  • Listening to relaxing music allows the mind to stop overthinking and reduces stress.


3. The Master Cleanse for Weight Loss

Lemonade and maple syrup for master cleanse

The "Master Cleanse" or "Lemonade Diet" is a radical detoxification program designed to cleanse your body and eliminate the accumulated toxins by drinking only lemonade for 10 days. Make sure to consult with your physician before trying any self-treatment including this one.

How to do it

  • Drink 6-12 glasses of lemonade per day.
  • Drink a laxative tea in the evening.
  • Perform a salt-water colon flush in the morning.

A side effect of the lemonade detox will be losing around 1 - 1.5 lb. of weight every day, with no side effects. Eating a healthy natural diet after the cleanse will provide more energy, improved health, and help achieve the ideal weight.

Note: Please follow the link below for a detailed description of "The Master Cleanse", also known as the "Lemonade Diet".

4. Sleep at the Best Hours

Woman sleeping in bed

Lack of Sleep Causes Hunger

Feeling tired often requires more sleep, but many people resort to eating more food instead, which only works for a short period. Providing the body with adequate sleep at the best hours allows it to regenerate better and have more energy for the next day. Digestion will also be better at the next breakfast, increasing overall energy for the entire day.

Sleep Like Nature Intended

Sleeping between 9pm and 5am is known to provide the best night's sleep. If going to bed at 9pm is difficult, start with 10pm, or 11pm and gradually shift the bedtime, if even by 10 minutes each night, until you reach your goal.

Always remember that sleeping early is worth it, even if you're missing your favorite TV show, you will be feel much more relaxed and happier the next day.

5. Replace Junk Foods To Lose Weight

Woman choosing healthy vs unhealthy foods

Reduce High Calorie and Junk Foods

High energy foods are major contributors of calories, which consumed in excess are deposited as fat. Reducing high calorie junk foods and replacing them with whole foods is the best way to achieve optimal body weight.

Reducing Refined Sugar is Key!

Refined sugar is a high energy food that is not commonly found in nature. Eating it in big quantities is like a shock to the body, causing a spike in energy followed by a crash. This is because the human body is not capable of handling a lot of refined sugar at once. The best way to satisfy a sweet tooth is by eating fresh fruits.

Worst Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

Desserts, cake, candy bars, ice cream, etc.
Soda, processed fruit juices with added sugar.
Fried foods: French fries, doughnuts, chips.
Fatty meats.

The best way to avoid junk foods is to increase fruits and vegetable consumption. Reducing sweets without replacing them with an alternative will probably not last for long. To achieve long lasting results, focus on finding natural, healthy and tasty alternatives to the most calorie dense and fatty foods.

6. Exercise Regularly

Young couple running

Burn Calories, Burn Fat

You've heard this before, but it is really one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Everything we do burns calories, including cleaning the house and vacuuming. Take up some house chores if there is not enough time for exercise. Just keeping your house clean can burn plenty of calories and get plenty done in the same time. Clean up the car while you're at it as well.

Incorporating small daily exercise routines can make a big overall impact. Parking the car in the lone spot far from the store entrance requires a few extra steps, but done on a consistent basis can add up. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is also an excellent way to get the body moving.

Gentle Exercise Works

Intense exercise is not required; even 30 minutes of walking each day is enough to make a difference. Some exercises that are too intense may even cause more harm than good. Always start slow and increase little by little each day. When running for example, run 5-10 minutes for a few days before increasing to 15 minutes.

Regular exercise will rid the body of accumulated fat and toxins, resulting in a lean and strong body.

7. Hydration Supports Weight Loss

Young woman drinking water for weight loss

Drink When Thirsty

Sometimes people mistakenly reach for food instead of a glass of water. They are so used to eating, that they don't think about drinking. It has been shown that by the time thirst kicks in, the body is already feeling the effects of dehydration. 

Drinking a glass of water every hour or two is good for any weight loss program. Don't wait to be thirsty to drink.

Water Helps Elimination

A common sign of dehydration is constipation. Chronic constipation has the ability to cause weight gain, and could indicate an imbalance in the gut flora. Studies have shown that the flora inside the gut could determine how fast an individual gains weight. 

Treat constipation promptly by staying hydrated and consuming adequate amounts of fiber.


8. Address Thyroid Imbalances

Young woman checking her thyroid gland

Get a Thyroid Test

The Thyroid is the master regulator of metabolism, having the ability to speed it up or slow it down. When it is not working correctly, it can cause weight gain that difficult to address. The most accurate way to know if the thyroid is working properly is to get a thyroid test that measures the TSH, T3 and T4 hormones. Most thyroid tests only measure TSH; however, it is possible to have a thyroid problem even if the TSH level is normal.

If a thyroid test is not available, then the basal temperature of the body averaged over the course of three days can be used as an indicator of thyroid function. This method should be used with caution, as it can easily miss a problem that a clinical thyroid test can find.

An Underactive Thyroid Causes Easy Weight Gain

If the tests indicate an underactive thyroid, this condition is called hypothyroidism. It is commonly associated with a slower metabolism and increased weight gain. Those affected by this condition need to strictly reduce their caloric intake, avoiding products containing sugars at all costs. Two good sugar substitutes that contain zero calories are stevia and xylitol.

9. Eliminate Late Night Snacks - They Turn into Fat!

Woman opens the fridge and eats late

Eating Late Promotes Fatty Deposits

Going to bed with a full stomach is a sure-fire way to gain weight and feel tired the next day. Metabolism slows down significantly during sleep, causing the previous meal to be turned into fat.

Eating after 8pm increases the chances of the food turning into fat.  It's best to eat dinner before 7pm. Studies have shown that a higher percentage of food eaten late at night is deposited as fat.

Reducing late night snacking can help to lose weight and provide a much better night's sleep - another important factor when trying to reduce weight!

10. Eliminate Food Allergies to Lose Weight

Common foods triggering allergy symptoms

Food Allergies Trigger Inflammation and Weight Gain

When a food that the body is allergic to is eaten, the immune system attacks the food as if it's an invader. This triggers inflammation, wreaking havoc on all body functions. Although some inflammation is not cause for concern, too much of it can destabilize insulin levels and result in weight gain, as well as other diseases. A food allergy that triggers inflammation day after day may trigger enough inflammation to cause serious health problems.

What to do?

  • Avoid foods with high levels of pesticides: Beef, Pork, Poultry, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Apples, Tomatoes, Grapes, Potatoes, Peaches, Nectarines and Bell Peppers.
  • Eat organic whenever possible and avoid the most contaminated foods.
  • Filter your tap water if you drink from the tap. Research has shown that high levels of pesticides in drinking water can trigger food allergies.

Test for Allergies

Testing can be done though elimination of certain foods, or a laboratory test of the blood. 

11. Optimize Computer Time

Man sitting at clean, ergonomic, optimized desk

Sitting Slows Down Metabolism

The human body was not designed to sit down for lengthy periods every day. Spending most of the day using a computer, means that there will be less time for activities that keep the body active such as physical exercise. Sitting also slows down the heart and metabolism, promoting weight gain.

What to do?

  • Try to be more organized and efficient. Finish the "must do" computer tasks, so that you can have more time for  other activities which allow your body to move: sports, physical exercise, yoga, dance, walks in the park, running, etc.
  • Reduce the time spent on computer activities like computer games, social media, internet browsing, etc. You can still do all these, but do not allow them to take all your time.
  • Keep track of your total time spent in front of the computer. Try to reduce it and balance it with non-sedentary activities.
  • Make a rule to not eat in front of the computer and respect it.
  • Take small breaks to walk and move your body.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should have no more than two hours of entertainment-based screen time each day.


12. Use Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

Thinking positive concept

Positive affirmations help provide the right mindset to achieve your desired weight. This is especially true if weight issues are causing problems like anxiety, lack of confidence or depression.

Here are a few positive affirmations that can help you lose weight.

  • I enjoy staying fit and I maintain an optimal weight.
  • I love my body and I keep it in optimal shape at the ideal weight.
  • I am losing weight every day by exercising, moving and playing.
  • I am in control of my eating habits.
  • I choose to eat healthy, natural, fresh foods, which help my body maintain an ideal weight.
  • I am relaxed and do not eat food for emotional comfort or stress relief.
  • I am responsible for my health and wellness.

Using Positive Affirmations for Losing Weight

  • Chose one or two affirmations you like.
  • Repeat the affirmations as many times as you can during the day. Repeating them ten times per hour will be a very good pace, allowing them to quick enter into the subconscious mind. Another method is to focus on them for 10 minutes, twice a day.